Early-Mid summer

- Slow release fertilizers to feed turf and broadleaf weed controls to
eliminate unwanted weeds.

Late Summer

- Slow release fertilizers to maintain good color and weed controls to
keep weeds out.

- Surface insect treatments - helps control turf damaging insects such as chinch bugs, sod webworms, etc...

- Fungicide treatments - helps control various diseases in the turf such as
dollar spots, summer patches, etc...

May - June

- Insect & Disease control - protection against common insect and disease pets found on trees and shrubs.

July - August - Late Summer

- Insect and Disease control - protect from spider mites, tent caterpillars and others.

Your lawns and landscapes depend on our care during the summer
months. Summer heat and drought along with insect and disease
activity can cause much stress and damage to your landscape

These services protect and maintain good health during the summer months